Get Celebrity Look from Hairdressers in London ? Latest Trends

Get Celebrity Look from Hairdressers in London ? Latest Trends

Get Celebrity Look from Hairdressers in London ? Latest Trends

Get Celebrity Look from Hairdressers in London

Celebrities have always been trend setter in fashion. Whether it is the matter of dresses or hair styles, celebrities have always showed off with style. If you want to have a look at the latest buzz in the world of hairdressers in London, Ryan Hair is the name to look for. At Ryan Hair, one of the leading hairdressers in London, you can have the latest and different hair styles. In fact, at this salon, the suitability of a hair style with that of the face of the customer is also advised so that a person can always get the value out of her money.

To give you an overview of some of the latest styles available at various hairdressers in London, information on the latest styles are given below:

Ask for ‘Bangs’ at hairdressers in London, as sported by Lea Michele

Lea Michele has created sensation in the hair dressing world with her latest Bangs. Lea usually has long layers but with the addition of bangs, she is simply looking ravishing. The chic and grown up look has given a distinct look to Lea Michele. Now, are you interested in this hairdo? If yes, then visit one of the renowned hairdressers in London and get a hairstyle like that of Lea Michele.

Now, the question comes, does the style match your look? This is a very important question regarding the appropriateness of the hairstyle with that of your face. Ryan Hair, one of the best hair dressers in London, can definitely give you an appropriate look with ‘Bangs’.

In case, you are unsure about having bangs then you can definitely go for ‘half-bangs’ effect, where the hairstylist would cut some short layers around your face. You can also opt for bangs that are cut long, just like the one done by Lea Michele. In fact, if you are not feeling comfortable with these bangs then you can simply sweep them to the side.

Get a ‘Pixie Cut’ at hairdressers in London, as recently done by Carey Mulligan

One of the most happening haircuts of celebrities this season is ‘Pixie Cut’. This hairstyle has a flirty and fun side, which has been adopted by Emma Watson too. However, ‘Pixie Cut’ was first popularized by Carey Mulligan.

The most important characteristic feature of this hairdo is that it suits all types of faces. However, it doesn’t hide anything. Thus, before going for ‘Pixie Cut’ from any of the reputed hair dressers in London, please check whether you are absolutely sure have this hairdo.

Sport ‘Asymmetrical Bob’ cut just like Scarlett Johansson and get it from hairdressers in London

Asymmetrical hair style is appropriate for those women who have the following characteristic features of hair:

Hair texture that is neither too thick nor too thin
Hair having slight waviness

This style is given a diva’s touch by Scarlett Johansson. If you look at the photo of Scarlette, then you will notice that her hair in the back is much shorter than it actually looks. Thus, this particular hair style is the one that has asymmetrical characteristics.

Get your favourite hair styles from Ryan Hair, one of the leading hairdressers in London.

Deborah Brown is a renowned hair stylist and has her own beauty salon. She follows the most recent hair styles and gives her customers with the perfect celebrity look. In this article she has showcased some of the latest trends in the celebrity world and the ways of getting that look from the most renowned hairdressers in London such as Ryan Hair.

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