Corporate Event Trends

Corporate Event Trends

With the holiday season around the corner, it is the perfect time to start planning your company party. Although this is a business event, it should still have all the elements and be current. Here are some corporate celebration trends:

Keep up. In terms of events (and everywhere else in your life), the inclusion of the latest technology is key. Even at the best of parties, you will find your guests checking their phone or taking pictures with it. As smartphones and tablets continue their domination in the market, you will see their presence everywhere including your next business bash. A few years ago, guests were discouraged from using electronic devices; now, employers are actively promoting it. Here are some of the ways companies are using them to their advantage:

• Guest Interaction: Twitter. Need we say more? Pictures, videos, and quotes can be live tweeted by guests. Common hash tags are an easy way to keep your party ‘live’. Bonus -It may also provide some free publicity.

• Technology lounges: Charging stations have become vital anywhere you go. Technology lounges provide employees an opportunity to re-charge, relax, and share their updates.

• Signs: Old-fashioned signs, easy-to-create mini videos, and power points are another great way your company can prompt your social media outlets at live events. Prominent notices help to establish a unified hash tag so all discussion stays in one place.

Be creative! Creating an event to remember is an integral part of any event planning. What thought have you given towards the entertainment? Perhaps, a big name is out of your budget. Don’t be discouraged. Think outside the box. There are many excellent performers available to provide just what your celebration needs. Cultural performers, circus-type acts, comedians, and risk-taking entertainers (think fire-eaters!) are sure to wow a crowd… and get them chatting.

Two for the price of one. In a time when people are trying to save money, one thing businesses can do is split the cost. Two or more companies can join together to double or triple a party budget! For instance, is there a vendor or retailer you particularly enjoy working with? Complimentary services can be promoted together creating a mutual benefit.

Give thought to your menu: Before choosing a menu, there are a few things to take into consideration. Is this an indoor or outdoor event? Is there a specific theme? What holidays are close by? Sit-down dinner, buffet, or passed trays? From being in business, you understand the importance of customization. Although the current trend is menus with some flair, you should keep your guests in mind. By offering some vegan and gluten-free options, you are showing consideration that won’t go unnoticed.

• Ethnic foods: Corporate events often represent a wide range of backgrounds. Providing guests with foods from different cultures is a great way to celebrate and expose your guests to new cuisines.

• “Make it yourself:” Menu options offering guests the opportunity to customize their meal is typically well received. Throwing a brunch? Omelette bars are an easy way to satisfy everyone’s tastes. For the sweets crowd, make-your-own-sundaes are a real hit.

• Dietary Restrictions: As vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming more popular, you should provide a few options for this group. With being so popular as of late, there are numerous restaurants and caterers happy to help. Tip: For those with food allergies, menu cards are perfect to list a dish’s ingredients.

Color and Theme: When it comes to color, Pantone continues to be a trendsetter. Their picks are Radiant Orchid, Sangria, Misted Yellow, Cognac, and Cobalt Blue. Contrast your corporate color basics with these bold shades found in overlays, napkins, and chair sashes.

Give Back: If you are going to party, why not party with a cause? Corporate events are becoming more and more geared towards giving back. Do your best to involve vendors that also support charities. Find a non-profit that is close to your heart and focus on that specific one. In a non-intrusive way, educate your guests on your chosen charity.

Planning a party can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. It is okay to ask for help. Most importantly, seek the advice of professionals. A quality vendor will be more than happy to discuss your options and offer appropriate suggestions within your budget. Happy planning!

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